APC Search FAQ

What does this search do?
It searches the top US online auction & shopping destinations and brings back the most relevant results with the best prices. It allows you to search, locate, compare prices and ultimately buy from a massive range of quality items across seven marketplaces.

Who can use it?
Everyone. Whether you are buying for yourself, for your business or for any other reason we aim to display the best prices for the items you want to buy! Don't pay over the odds ever again when you can auction price check it before you buy.

Does it only show auction items?
No. It shows all items that are offered for auction and also fixed price items that you can purchase instantly.

How much does it cost to use?
Nothing, nadda, zip, zilch or in other words it's 100% completely free to use.

What countries do you cover?
Currently we have two country dedicated sites:
United States & United Kingdom.

Is this a new site?
Well that depends on when you are reading this ;-)
This site was officially launched in April 2015 but we have been providing a UK auction search and various other free online auction tools since 2001.

Is this search really live?
Yes - when you enter an item you are interested in our software parallel searches over seven sites in real time to bring you back the freshest results possible.

I love it - how can I help?
That's great - we welcome all constructive comments & suggestions. Please also feel free to hit the Share/Like buttons included on the site to share this with your friends on the various Social Media platforms. As a new site we would really appreciate any link backs, shares, likes, tweets & reviews.

Why no product images?
Our aim is to provide the fastest search possible and eliminating images cuts down on the display time dramatically. Imagine that displaying the results from a single search may yield a minimum of 1500 results from the seven sites - that would be a lot of images to load every time.

How many results does the search return?
That depends on the item that is being searched for. Where a search returns many items then we aim to display a minimum of the 200 most relevant items per marketplace. In all that would mean that for a average search you should expect to receive over 1500 search results.

Why not show all results?
Our search covers literally millions of items and it would not be feasible to display them all nor would most people have the time to search through them. We display the most relevant search items as determined by the sites based on price and closing times.

Why is this particular item not showing in the results?
We are reliant on the data provided by the individual marketplaces and no additional filtering is added on our side. Unfortunately there are limited instances with some shopping sites where not all the items available for sale are listed in search results or where particular items have reduced visibility.

Why does an auction search sometimes time out?
If an auction site is experiencing a high volume of traffic when our search spider visits it sometimes results in a time out as the process ends before the results are passed to us. This is unfortunate but can happen and we recommend that you wait a few moments and then try the search again.

Why is the search sometimes slower than normal?
Whilst our search is usually very quick at returning results it does depend on the volume of search queries that it is handling at the same time. We will continue to tweak the software so that it delivers results as fast as possible but searching seven sites live will take a few moments.

How do we make money?
Strangely that is a question our accountant often asks ;-) We make money through on-site advertising and affiliate marketing from auction and shopping related sites. However the display and order of items in our search results is determined automatically by software and placement is not dependent on any form of payment. In addition any item offered for sale will be identical in price whether you see it here or view it direct on each individual site.